We give advice in a competent, neutral and independent way to issues concerning transport logistics requiring a quantitative basis for a specific decision. Our clients benefit from our experience and from efficient optimization methods that we apply in our planning tools.

In general, our consulting approach is team-oriented. We appreciate a trustful and cooperative partnership with our clients.

Industry and Trade

Forwarders profit from our analyses dealing with the strategic design of the supply chain, from precise comparisons of the service provider's offerings, as well as from calculations of synergies emerging at cooperations and mergers.

Logistics service providers

Transport companies like general cargo forwarders and parcel services optimize their structures and processes on the basis of our analyses. That includes site planning, shipment structure analyses of potential clients, tender calculations and territory optimizations.

Consulting companies

Several prestigious consultancies expand their range of services with our specific logistics knowledge which can be seamlessly embedded as a module into superior consulting projects.


A variety of the tasks applied in our consulting projects:

Site planning

Determination of the number, geographical location, function, capacity and assortment of sites

Network design

Optimization and expansion of already existing and recently created logistic systems for forwarder, trade and transport companies

Supply chain optimization

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Vehicle routing

Analysis and optimization of short-distance routes, vehicle fleet configuration and territory planning for transport operators

The optimization of supply chains includes the design of logistic structures, the definiton of sites and their functionality (production, storage, handling) as well as the planning of transport and warehouse processes.

Since 1989 we conduct studies to special areas of supply chain optimization and distribution planning. In these studies we usually derive quantitative KPIs from original shipment data (e.g. delivery notes of one year), optimize logistic structures and develop and evaluate alternative networks.

Our key tool is the software system PRODISI (SCO, CEP, LSP or RET, depending on the type of network), that is precisely adjusted to the corresponding logistic network and afterwards can be used by our clients for their own controlling and planning purposes.


We help our clients with individual training courses and workshops, telephone consultation and online assistance as well as valuable advices assuring a successful application of our planning software.

Training courses and workshops

Briefing for the planning systems PRODISI and PROTOUR on the basis of individual data; reconciliation of dates and number of participants.


Telephone consultation and online assistance beginning with the first trial and the installation up to the regular application of our products.


Constant updates for the PROLOGOS software and the used geographical data on the basis of maintenance contracts.