Logistics Mapper

The partnership with leading reasearch institutes and our own projects activities have led to the creation of software systems that are both efficient and practical. All of our planning tools are consistently being advanced and updated.

Individual adaptations of the software to illustrate specific assignments can be implemented quickly.

All of our software tools run on Microsoft Windows operating systems and they are compatible with all common office programs and database systems.

PRODISI SCO - Supply Chain Optimization

PRODISI SCO is able to model and optimize supply chains. Alternative options for actions can be evaluated on the basis of original delivery note data, with the help of the scenario technique and under consideration of all relevant process costs.

The supply chain optimization system PRODISI SCO is consistently being advanced since 1985 and offers unique features that are proofed in numerous applications:

  • Models and optimizes multilevel logistic networks
  • Differentiates several product groups
  • Calculates on the basis of particular shipments
  • Implements arbitrary, also non-linear cost functions for real freight tariffs, handling costs and storage costs.
  • Processes several cost driving units per shipment in parallel (e.g. weight, volume, pallets)
  • Integrates route simulation in order to calculate the real costs of last mile distribution
  • Provides a wide range of reporting and data exchange functions
  • Number of storage and transport levels
  • Number, locations, capacities and assortments of warehouses and transshipment points
  • Allocation of production quantities to factories (sourcing)
  • Delivery areas and vehicle fleet sizes for all distributing sites
  • Direct delivery to customers from factories or central warehouses
  • Strategies for warehouse replenishment
  • Strategic design of one's own logistic network
  • Detailed logistic cost controlling
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis, evaluation and comparison of different offers of logistic service providers
  • Exact determination of the synergies in case of cooperations and fusions
  • Example: Europe-wide supply chain optimization for Unilever
  • Standardized analysis and evaluation of potential clients' shipment structures
  • Accelerated and differentiated preparation of offers
  • Optimized processing of the transport volume of all clients inside one's own logistic network
  • Strategic adjustment of structures and processes to changes in business
PRODISI CEP - Parcel Network Optimization

PRODISI CEP makes it possible for parcel service providers to plan their linehaul network, to determine sites and service areas, to reduce costs and leadtimes and to adjust their linehaul schedules on a regular base.

The CEP network version PRODISI CEP is successfully applied in international projects since 2001 and gets consistently updated. It provides unique features that are specifically designed for demands of express and parcel services:

  • Models and optimizes complex web and hub structure networks
  • Considers different products (e.g. standard, express) and different types of shipped items (e.g. parcels, documents, pallets)
  • Processes national and international shipment data (detailed or aggregated data)
  • Models alternative network structures including pickup, delivery and hub sites, pickup and delivery areas, transport relations, vehicle and container types etc.
  • Linehaul schedules, linehaul matrices, (gate) loading plans etc.
  • Supports individual freight tariffs cargo handling costs
  • Calculates minimum-cost transports for the whole network or parts of it considering all parameters like capacities, shift times, travel times, product leadtimes etc.
  • Provides a wide range of reporting, visualization and data exchange functions
  • Network structure: web approach (direct transports) versus hub approach (linehauls) versus mixed approach
  • Number, location, capacity and working hours of sites
  • Pickup areas, delivery areas and vehicle fleet sizes for all pickup and delivery depots
  • Runtime and, if existing, delayed items for all transport relations and products
  • Number, capacities and schedules for linehauls
  • Strategic design and adaptation of transport networks
  • Mid-term evaluation and restructuring of linehaul transports
  • Feasibility studies for new products and new service levels
  • Detailed controlling of logistic costs

PRODISI LSP analyses and optimizes forwarder networks (i.e. small goods carriers), PRODISI RET is made for trading companies with retail networks.

PRODISI LSP for logistic service providers matches mostly with the parcel service network version PRODISI CEP. Additionally it offers the following features:

  • Large support for offer calculations for new clients
  • Consideration of different injection and direct transport alternatives

PRODISI RET's main focus is network planning under consideration of the cross-docking issue for trading companies:

  • Especially adapted for the demands of trading companies
  • Choice between direct transports starting at the supplier versus consolidation transports including cross-docking points, transshipment points or central warehouses
  • Assignment of markets to warehouses
  • Delivery areas and number of transports for all relations
  • Strategies for warehouse supply
PROTOUR - Vehicle Routing

PROTOUR is a professional routing and scheduling system for all fleet managers. It supports the development of mid-term and long-term delivery strategies and combines low transport costs with a constant and reliable delivery service for the day-to-day business.

Logistic and fleet managers and dispatchers benefit from PROTOUR's support for tactical and operative optimization of vehicle fleet operations:

  • Operative and strategic route planning
  • Automatic optimization of vehicle operations under consideration of all parameters (e.g. time windows, capacities, fixed tours)
  • Interactive rescheduling on the map or within route lists
  • Digital street maps up to house number level
  • Complete integration into the companies' IT (data exchange)
  • Individual adaptation and expansion of the system
  • Improve the transport processing's efficiency
  • Lower costs
  • Save time
  • Improve the delivery service
  • React flexibly
  • Control vehicle fleet costs
  • Prepare decisions in a well-founded way
  • Daily operative vehicle application planning
  • Weekly planning for the determination of the exact delivery days
  • Cost calculation for proposal preparations
  • Optimization of standard tours
  • Simulation and analysis of different delivery scenarios (e.g. vehicle fleet mix)
  • Profitability analysis for routes, vehicles and clients
  • Combined pickup and delivery routes
  • Time windows: per client, weekday and type of order
  • Planning with limited time window violation
  • Vehicle application times
  • Vehicle capacities (weight, volume, transport tools etc.)
  • Vehicle equipment (e.g. lifting platform, cooling unit)
  • Multiple use of vehicles
  • Mixed-load prohibitions
  • Consideration of standard tours and route territories
  • Individual sections of German and international digital street maps
  • Cooperation with leading map providers
  • Periodic updates due to maintenance contract
  • Individual tunable itemisation, up to house number level
PROTOUR Regio - Territory Planning

The additional module PROTOUR Regio makes it possible to plan route territories and standard tours that organize the day-to-day business regionally. Among other things, fleet capacities, shift times and postal codes are being considered.

PROTOUR Regio is made for all companies whose routes are not getting restructured on a daily base due to organizational reasons. Territories and standard tours can be planned automatically by this PROTOUR additional module.

PROTOUR Regio is perfect for the regional arrangement of transport subcontractors, as for example general cargo forwarders and parcel service providers do it.

  • Combined territory and tour optimization
  • Data basis: real or fictional order data of a representative time period
  • Territory optimization: demand fluctuation, capacity peaks and maximum daily hours of work
  • Optional: Consideration of postal code boundaries to build clean postal code areas
  • Assignment of vehicles to their territories
  • Suggestions for the best vehicle fleet mix under consideration of different types of vehicles
  • Territory statistics including minimum/maximum/average utilization, driving distance and hours of work, fix and variable costs etc.
  • Direct implementation of the results into the route planning process to evaluate specific days
Logistics Mapper

Logistics Mapper is a powerful software system for companies with international supply chain data. It analyses and visualises global trade lanes as well as LSP and customer key accounts very efficiently in form of list, chart and map output.

Logistics Mapper is ideally suited for upper management, logistics management, controlling, procurement and key account management.

Logistics Mapper enables managers to access and evaluate all transport related enterprise data of a company. Due to the inherent link of financial key data to all logistical processes, the tool helps to make commercial analyses as comfortable as possible.

  • Central database for global shipment and master data
  • Flexible drag & drop generation and administration of reports (e.g. profit per service provider and customer group per country)
  • Visually appealing presentation of all reports as lists, maps and charts
  • Integrated authorisation concept for administer users and user groups
  • Multi-language graphical user interface
  • Operates in single workstation or network installation mode

Logistics Mapper enables comsistent corporate reporting and target-oriented performance analyses in logistics:

  • Powerful business intelligence platform based on a standardised global shipment database
  • Efficient analyses of global businesses - down to details level if needed
  • Client and service provider reports across country and organizational borders
  • Support of a continuous central controlling for multicompany enterprises
  • Business intelligence platform for upper management level that offers decision-making support
  • Company-wide supervision and controlling of supply chain processes by logistic management and logistic controlling
  • Active management of supplier relationships to logistic service providers by procurement departments and logistics specialists
  • Active management of client relationships out of a logistical point of view by sales departments, key account management and logistics specialists
  • Identification of synergy potentials in global transport flows and different business units
  • Flexible generation and storage of reports
  • Calculated fields and special comparison mode
  • Geographical map representation using arrows, lines and charts
  • Animated maps based on time series
  • Drill-down to transport relation and customer level and to shipment detail level
  • Automatic master data alignment during data import
  • Support for the preparation of business presentations

All analyses are based on more than 90 detail fields for every single shipment:

  • Shipment ID, date and type of transportation
  • ID, name and address of sending and receiving entity / customer
  • Business unit, branch, departure/destination terminal (e.g. harbour/airport)
  • Transport service providers
  • Transport unit (weight, volume, containers etc.)
  • Commercial figures (expenses, turnover, profit in local and enterprise currency)
  • Involved shipping and receiving agents
  • Integration in existing database locations (e.g. Microsoft SQL Server)
Important Facts

Information brochures concerning our software products can be downloaded in PDF format:

We advise the following hardware and software equipment for a smooth process of our software:

  • Operating system: Windows 8 / 10
    (Logistics Mapper: Windows Server 2012 and newer)
  • Processor: multiple cores with at least 2,0 GHz
  • Memory: at least 8 GB RAM
  • Hard disk: at least 20 GB free space
  • Display resolution: at least 1024 x 768

We offer free trial versions of PROTOUR Regio and PRODIDI SCO. If you are interested, please contact us.

Irrespectively of this, we like to discuss your logistic challenges and we offer training courses and workshops lasting for several days to introduce you to our software.